We often get asked for suggestions on what to wear to family and engagement sessions.  The great thing about photography these days is that it allows you to show your personal style and personality.  No more need for everyone to wear the same matching shirt with khaki pants {unless you like that sort of thing!}.

Feel free to have fun with your clothing!  You want everyone's outfit to compliment each other but not be too "matchy-matchy."  By incorporating a few colors that work well through different patterns and textures, you can pull off a cohesive look that is not too over the top.  Think compliment, not matching.

Layers and textures look great in photos.  Adding an undershirt, sweater, jacket, or jewelry all adds details that give a beautiful pulled together layered look.  You can also take off some of the layers near the end of the shoot for a completely different look!

Do not be afraid of bold colors!  They bring color pop to your photos and add color to your face.

Avoid clothes that restrict positioning.  You may be asked to sit on the ground, especially if there are a lot of people in the photo.

Think timeless and classic.  Be who you are and what you want to see framed on your wall for years to come!

Decide on the look you are going for in your photos...casual, fun, formal, etc.  Then let your outfit mimic that vision.

Have fun with it!  If you have more questions or would like to hear our opinion on anything, feel free to ask!

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